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What’s this all about?


Hi, I’m Miriam. You can call me Miz.

Do you wish you could find your mo-jo again?
Did it get lost somewhere between 30 and 40, and you desperately want to feel excited, energetic, fulfilled and purposeful again?

It was certainly like that for me. In fact, I felt downright exhausted and “lost” as I approached my 40th birthday in May 2015.

But I was determined, that with this new decade, I could start anew and regain my energy, confidence and style. With that decision, I took action, and everything that was weighing me down, lifted.

I celebrated my 40th with a massive party in a luxury hotel suite, making a firm commitment to find my groove again, and enter my 40th  decade with a fresh new outlook.

Since turning 40:

  • I am taking risks and reinventing myself. I have never been a blogger before. I have never had an ecommerce site before. This is all new.
  • I have released my guilt about the mistakes and failures I have made in the past.
  • I am focussed on my financial independence.
  • I have found my fashion style (finally!) and am loving experimenting with new looks.
  • I am rocking a Mohawk, that has been pink and blue and platinum blonde.
  • I am going out more and having fun with my husband and my friends.
  • I am focused on my health and wellbeing.
  • I have written a list of everything I want to achieve in this decade  and am working my way through it.

All this been achieved since May 2015. And you can achieve your own outcomes as well.

Turning 40 is about reclaiming yourself. It is about finding what makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose. It is not defined by your role as a mother or a spouse. It is about reconnecting with those hopes and dreams that you had in your 20s, but with the wisdom of experience, and taking bold, decisive leaps into your future.

It is about living 40 To The Max. And that’s what I am doing.  I am having fun and loads of adventures. I am living 40 to the Max because I choose to make this my best decade so far.

So hop on board for the journey of a decade..

And together, let’s live 40 To The Max!

I will find my Abs again, I know I will!