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New Year, New You. I am not Buying Into That.

New Year, New You. I am not Buying Into That. new [njuː] ADJECTIVE Definition*: Shiny, straight out of the packaging, never used. New. *unofficial and for the purposes of demonstrating my point in this article The messages are everywhere. It is a New Year, time to be New again. New body, New mindset, New direction,…

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Sunset For the Soul: Escaping The Haze.

Sunset For the Soul: Escaping The Haze. I have always been the type of person who needs to see blue sky and feel the sun on my skin to feel energised and happy. I am solar powered. Can anyone else relate to this? Singapore is consistently warm. Night and day. Same Same. It was one…

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Jeunesse: I need to RAVE about it!

I look 10 years younger thanks to Jeunesse. In December 2015 a friend from Australia called me to tell me about a new skincare range. She told me that it was so transformative, that she knew I’d want to know all about it. It’s called Jeunesse (French for “youth”) and it is the closest thing science has come understanding anti-ageing…

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On Experiencing a Multiple FoodGasm in Hong Kong

On Experiencing Multiple FoodGasm in Hong Kong This week I have been in Hong Kong with a friend. Our culinary experiences span some pretty iconic eating cities – New York, London, Sydney and Singapore. So we couldn’t wait to see what Hong Kong would deliver. We stayed at the Hotel LKF in Wyndham St – an…

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My thoughts on the Mount Kinabalu tragedy

My thoughts on the Mount Kinabalu tragedy In April this year my daughter went overseas for 4 days for her Year 5 school camp. The great thing about Singapore is that within one hour you can reach exotic locations that make great experiences, especially for school children learning to expand their horizons and challenge themselves.…

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1987. Bon Jovi. Live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. My first concert. I remember every second of it. I remember who I went with, and where we sat. I remember that shaft of light coming down from the ceiling to a blacked-out stage to reveal Richie Sambora sitting alone with his multi-armed guitar, as he…

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