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“How Are You?”

“How Are You?” I received this simple message from a friend today and it paralysed me. It suddenly felt like a very loaded question. I delayed responding. I did not want to answer because I did not know how to. I wrote back a little while later, “I kind of feel these days that it depends…

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10 Things That Make Me Truly, Madly, Deeply Happy

Truly, Madly, Deeply Happy. Is it possible? I posted a hilarious video (below) from John Oliver last week about just how calamitous 2016 seems to have been in so many ways. When I posted it, a dear friend of mine, who practises gratitude daily, challenged me by saying that there are in fact millions of…

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A Tale about Mindset: I Believe In Fairies Now

A TALE ABOUT MINDSET: I BELIEVE IN FAIRIES NOW. I was speaking with a friend of mine recently, and she mentioned that she really wanted to change her mindset and learn from me what I have done to turn my outlook around, and move to more action, productivity and purpose across all areas of her own…

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SO YOU’RE GONNA BE A FIRST TIME DAD I recently found out that a friend of mine is going to be a dad for the first time. And I was prompted to pen this letter to him. Dearest friend, I am super excited and thrilled for you that you are expecting your first child, and…

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My thoughts on the Mount Kinabalu tragedy

My thoughts on the Mount Kinabalu tragedy In April this year my daughter went overseas for 4 days for her Year 5 school camp. The great thing about Singapore is that within one hour you can reach exotic locations that make great experiences, especially for school children learning to expand their horizons and challenge themselves.…

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1987. Bon Jovi. Live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. My first concert. I remember every second of it. I remember who I went with, and where we sat. I remember that shaft of light coming down from the ceiling to a blacked-out stage to reveal Richie Sambora sitting alone with his multi-armed guitar, as he…

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