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Marriage: It Boils Down to Two Choices

Marriage: It Boils Down to Two Choices I have had three separate women in my life tell me over the past six months that their relationships with their husbands weren’t going well. This is not a shocking or surprising statement as the journey of marriage is a rocky ride filled with good and not so good…

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3 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

I have been thinking a lot about intimacy in relationships recently.Every relationship has its own unique dynamic, but what I am most intrigued by is the dynamic of communication within relationships. More specifically, what happens when you want to change that dynamic in your own relationship.

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Need Relationship Advice? AUNTY ASK ME to the Rescue

Relationship Advice Column Aunty Ask Me is a new relationship advice column that we would like to become a regular feature of 40 To The Max. We ask for your support by submitting your anonymous relationship questions and also sharing it with your friends to get more exposure (so to speak!!) To provide meaningful responses, I…

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Being a Financial Equal of Your Husband

Being a Financial Equal of Your Husband As far as I am concerned, striving for financial independence is critically important, and it is why it is the No. 1 item on My Maximalist. The other night I caught up with a friend I have known for 35 years. She is a very beautiful and vivacious…

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Don’t Freak, Just Flirt

Embrace Your Inner Flirt Last week I caught up with a friend of mine for coffee. She’s a MILF, no doubt about it. Over coffee she recounted how she had been walking the dogs in the local reserve when she caught the eye of a younger and very attractive man. This man seemed keen to…

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A Valentine’s Day Message

A Valentine’s Day Message My husband was born without the romantic gene. Which is unfortunate. For the past 16 years of marriage, I have been my husband’s PA – a non-paying role that has resulted in me having to organise Valentine’s Day for myself. I have had to buy my own presents and organise the…

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