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100 Days of Massive Action

Why 100 days of Massive Action? Because it will give me time to form great habits that stick. And it gives me enough time to make an impact. I invite you to join me on my journey. For daily posts you will find me on Facebook and Instagram as 40ToTheMax.

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Hong Kong – The Sleepy City

Hong Kong – The Sleepy City I was very lucky to have a week off in Hong Kong on my own this past week. Since having kids, I have had a couple of opportunities to travel on my own for a week’s duration, however, it has always centred around a startup conference. The schedule is always…

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Being a Financial Equal of Your Husband

Being a Financial Equal of Your Husband As far as I am concerned, striving for financial independence is critically important, and it is why it is the No. 1 item on My Maximalist. The other night I caught up with a friend I have known for 35 years. She is a very beautiful and vivacious…

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