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Bhutan: Weaving Rainbows in the Himalayas

Bhutan: Weaving Rainbows in the Himalayas It is amazing how the Universe delivers you messages once you decide to open yourself up to new experiences. Two months ago, I went to Hong Kong. A girlfriend of mine accompanied me for the first few days of the trip. We have a shared interest in social entrepreneurship, travel and eating good…

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100 Days of Massive Action

Why 100 days of Massive Action? Because it will give me time to form great habits that stick. And it gives me enough time to make an impact. I invite you to join me on my journey. For daily posts you will find me on Facebook and Instagram as 40ToTheMax.

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Hong Kong – The Sleepy City

Hong Kong – The Sleepy City I was very lucky to have a week off in Hong Kong on my own this past week. Since having kids, I have had a couple of opportunities to travel on my own for a week’s duration, however, it has always centred around a startup conference. The schedule is always…

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On Experiencing a Multiple FoodGasm in Hong Kong

On Experiencing Multiple FoodGasm in Hong Kong This week I have been in Hong Kong with a friend. Our culinary experiences span some pretty iconic eating cities – New York, London, Sydney and Singapore. So we couldn’t wait to see what Hong Kong would deliver. We stayed at the Hotel LKF in Wyndham St – an…

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