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The year the internet broke us

Technology got the better of us this year. We were not prepared for the speed with which new apps were introduced. Before we could really grasp all this new technology, it had consumed us in addiction. We looked down and we did not look up. If we had looked up, we would seen the pain, destruction…

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“How Are You?”

“How Are You?” I received this simple message from a friend today and it paralysed me. It suddenly felt like a very loaded question. I delayed responding. I did not want to answer because I did not know how to. I wrote back a little while later, “I kind of feel these days that it depends…

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10 Things That Make Me Truly, Madly, Deeply Happy

Truly, Madly, Deeply Happy. Is it possible? I posted a hilarious video (below) from John Oliver last week about just how calamitous 2016 seems to have been in so many ways. When I posted it, a dear friend of mine, who practises gratitude daily, challenged me by saying that there are in fact millions of…

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Vagina on Fire: Sexual Re-Awakening in Your 40s

Vagina on Fire: Sexual Re-Awakening in Your 40s A quick guide on how to cope when your vagina suddenly wakes up. “I did it Mum, I wiped my own bum”, chirped my 7 year old as he skipped proudly to me for a High-Five. And there it was. The moment. After 11 years of raising…

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3 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

I have been thinking a lot about intimacy in relationships recently.Every relationship has its own unique dynamic, but what I am most intrigued by is the dynamic of communication within relationships. More specifically, what happens when you want to change that dynamic in your own relationship.

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Need Relationship Advice? AUNTY ASK ME to the Rescue

Relationship Advice Column Aunty Ask Me is a new relationship advice column that we would like to become a regular feature of 40 To The Max. We ask for your support by submitting your anonymous relationship questions and also sharing it with your friends to get more exposure (so to speak!!) To provide meaningful responses, I…

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