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3 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

I have been thinking a lot about intimacy in relationships recently.Every relationship has its own unique dynamic, but what I am most intrigued by is the dynamic of communication within relationships. More specifically, what happens when you want to change that dynamic in your own relationship.

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Don’t Freak, Just Flirt

Embrace Your Inner Flirt Last week I caught up with a friend of mine for coffee. She’s a MILF, no doubt about it. Over coffee she recounted how she had been walking the dogs in the local reserve when she caught the eye of a younger and very attractive man. This man seemed keen to…

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A Valentine’s Day Message

A Valentine’s Day Message My husband was born without the romantic gene. Which is unfortunate. For the past 16 years of marriage, I have been my husband’s PA – a non-paying role that has resulted in me having to organise Valentine’s Day for myself. I have had to buy my own presents and organise the…

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