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Vagina on Fire – Part 2: When it hurts down there.

A PUBIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT This post is not about waking up at 40 and wanting to go on a sex-crazed rampage. This is women’s business. It is about my vagina being on fire. Like actually on fire. I am hoping that my experiences will shed light on something that can help at least one Maxer…

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Vagina on Fire: Sexual Re-Awakening in Your 40s

Vagina on Fire: Sexual Re-Awakening in Your 40s A quick guide on how to cope when your vagina suddenly wakes up. “I did it Mum, I wiped my own bum”, chirped my 7 year old as he skipped proudly to me for a High-Five. And there it was. The moment. After 11 years of raising…

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Modern Devices for the Maxer on the Go

Modern Devices for the Maxer on the Go I had to laugh as I looked at my desk to see three devices (sex toys) charging via USB alongside my iPhone and MacAir. My challenge: To test four devices and rate them. It was a task I took seriously. I’m worn out, but oh so happy. Here…

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3 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

I have been thinking a lot about intimacy in relationships recently.Every relationship has its own unique dynamic, but what I am most intrigued by is the dynamic of communication within relationships. More specifically, what happens when you want to change that dynamic in your own relationship.

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Need Relationship Advice? AUNTY ASK ME to the Rescue

Relationship Advice Column Aunty Ask Me is a new relationship advice column that we would like to become a regular feature of 40 To The Max. We ask for your support by submitting your anonymous relationship questions and also sharing it with your friends to get more exposure (so to speak!!) To provide meaningful responses, I…

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