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Vagina on Fire – Part 2: When it hurts down there.

A PUBIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT This post is not about waking up at 40 and wanting to go on a sex-crazed rampage. This is women’s business. It is about my vagina being on fire. Like actually on fire. I am hoping that my experiences will shed light on something that can help at least one Maxer…

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Rethinking The Glass Ceiling

The Conversation we need to have about the Glass Ceiling and the Week That Was Houston, we have a problem. A big, giant, black hole of a problem and I think I have figured out how to fix it. This is me and this is my view. I am on a retreat with women and…

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Bhutan: Weaving Rainbows in the Himalayas

Bhutan: Weaving Rainbows in the Himalayas It is amazing how the Universe delivers you messages once you decide to open yourself up to new experiences. Two months ago, I went to Hong Kong. A girlfriend of mine accompanied me for the first few days of the trip. We have a shared interest in social entrepreneurship, travel and eating good…

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